The Zoo School

The Zoo School in Ueckermünde Zoo is a very popular place to learn for school classes and other groups. In 1983, the zoo school started its work. Five years later, on 27 September 1988, the Zoo School was established with a building on its own.

This house is the starting point for lectures on natural science. More than 5000 pupils per year learn at the Zoo School. The lessons offered range from Kindergarten up to graduate school.

Protection of the species bag

At the education center you may work with the WWF protection of species bag. WWF wants to make biological diversity more understandable.

You can work on various topics with specimen and other teaching material, e.g.

  • “Welcome home – the wolf”,
  • “Healing power of nature” or
  • “Animal trade and poaching”.

The topics are meant for classes 5 to 10, but can also be used for other groups.

Certification of the zoo school as Education center for Sustainability

The education center is one the very first institutions to be acknowledged as "Bildungszentrum für Nachhaltigkeit" ("Educational Center for Sustainability"). The work of the education center is regarded as "sustainable" with respect to ecological, economical, and social aspects.

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