POMERANIA - Natural-cultural-adventures

Within the project „POMERANIA – Cultural and Natural adventures“ (INT51) German and Polish cultural and leisure institutions, municipals and local communities in attractive landscapes with cultural specials want to promote our border region. The variety of leisure and cultural offers improve the quality of life in nature. The offers of cross-border adventures of the project partners are concentrated and thus improved. The attraction of the institutions will be higher by new investments, the touristic season will be longer, and visitors as well as inhabitants of the border region will become more sensible for crossborder cultural and natural heritage. Common activities and meeting inhabitants of the other side of the Oder are one aim of the project. Tolerance, openness for other cultures, interest in nature and history are part of the common activities of the project partners.

A new adventure area in Ueckermünde Zoo is created by building a new aviary for budgerigars. The aviary covers an area of 1000m2 and will complement the adventure path in the zoo. Two locks for the entrance and a winter refuge have to be built. The whole area will be very attractive for visitors. There will be close contact to the birds by feeding them. The museum barn will be re-designed. A 200 m long adventure railway will be built between the kiosk at the monkey forest and the service building. The pet enclosure will have to be changed and re-built, depending on the route of the adventure railway. A new aviary for birds will be built, too. Native animal species like Pomeranian geese or doves (Stralsunder Hochflieger) will be kept there. Areas at the edge will be creatively upgraded. Rural commercial vehicles will be used as models. Visitors can feel the farming history and drive old tractors. The area will be supplied by manual farming technical devices as well as details of the life in the rural of our region several centuries ago. You may also visit an adventure toilet.

Procurement: Ueckermünde Zoo has placed an order to the planning office „A&S GmbH Neubrandenburg for planning of the aviary and the adventure railway, with the sum of 59.054,20 €. The planning has to take place within the funding period of the Interreg program VA. The planning follows the VOL/A regulations (Wertgrenzerlass MV).

This project is supported by the European Union by means oft he European Fund for Regional Development (Interreg V A Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Brandenburg/Polen within the Euroregion Pomerania).

Partners of the project

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